Reverse Logistics, Repair, Refurbishment
Reverse Logistics, Repair, Refurbishment

Reverse Logistics, Repair, Refurbishment

Cost-efficient returns management is an important success factor, especially in retail. We offer professional services for managing returns, including shuttle pick up of merchandise from the markets of large discounters, returns inspection and preparation as well as repairs. This comprehensive, full range of services lightens the load for our customers so that they can focus on their core competencies.

Repair Management

In our in-house repair centres in Essen, Germany and Ústí nad Labem, Czech Republic, we repair sophisticated consumer electronic goods. These facilities handle all processes involved in the repair of individual devices:

Pick up of the defective device from the retail customer

Warranty review, price quote where applicable

Spare parts provisioning

Repair of the device

Re-delivery to the retail customer

Qualified employees with the requisite skills repair your products. Efficient IT processes with interfaces to your merchandise management system guarantee the shortest process times with the highest quality.


In addition to repairs, we also offer professional refurbishment that includes the following services:

Function test


Classification according to customer requirements such as A/B charging

New packaging including accessories

Delivery for re-marketing


- Notebooks - Tablets - PC and AIO - LCD TV/LED TV/TFT monitors - External HDD/NAS - Smartphones - Navigation devices - Digital cameras - Cleaning appliances - High-pressure washers